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Getting Started with EMSplus® is Simple

In a matter of minutes, you can start getting paid with EMSplus! This solution is consistently reliable and always secure. To start accepting payments, simply download the app, enter your routing and account information for deposits, and choose your card reader. The B200 is equipped for EMV chip and swiped payments, and the B250 can handle EMV chip, swipe, and NFC (Apple/Google Pay) payments.

Learn more about EMSplus functionality below.

Works with Apple and Android Devices

EMSplus® has applications for both iOS and Android devices, making it easy to accept payment through their smartphones and tablets.

Inventory Management Tools

EMSplus®’ inventory management tools allow merchants to add, edit, track and manage all products safely and securely.

Customer Management Tools

The customer management tools provide merchants a secure way of storing customer data, modifying records and generating reports.

Compatible with Bluetooth Printers and Reader Combos

EMSplus® offers device combinations with features that allow merchants to process secure payments, scan barcodes and print receipts.

Live Customer Support

EMSplus® is always here to help you. Our live representatives are always ready to assist you with questions and concerns regarding your account.


Level 1 PCI Compliant

EMSplus® is proud to support the PCI DSS program that is designed to ensure all processed and stored credit card data maintain a secure environment.

Simple Transactions

The EMSplus® mobile app is perfect for on-the-go or on the counter credit card processing. It features a simple, yet feature-rich interface for handling your payments.

Month-to-Month Agreement

With EMSplus® there is no contract regarding any time or money commitment… though there is a merchant account User Agreement.

Optimal Revenue

The 2.25% + 10¢  swipe rate is the lowest in the industry, with only a $5 monthly fee. No gotchas!

“After researching other products I decided on EMSplus®. It was incredibly simple to install and has never given me any trouble. I would highly recommend EMSplus®, especially over Square.”

Download the App

Enter an amount and process a sale or ring up multiple items in an order. EMSplus® makes it simple for you to get paid!

Your clients are waiting for you!

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